Environmental cleanup begins with the big picture of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which takes responsibility for cleanup of hazardous materials at various sites throughout the country. This includes superfund sites, federal facilities, and Brownsfields properties. The EPA Cleanups in My Community program provides maps and specific information about these cleanup projects.

There are many other cleanup projects not attended to by the EPA, including state cleanups, other Superfund sites not on the National Priority List (NPL), renewable energy potential at sites, cleanups of leaking underground storage tanks, and National Response Center spills. The best way to find official cleanup information in your state is to do an internet search for your specific state and follow those links. 

If you are looking to do some ‘cleaning’ around your community, to protect the environment and reclaim some beauty, here are some tips to get you thinking:

For more ideas about how to cleanup your community, visit Earth911.com — “More Ideas, Less Waste.” And to help raise funds for your community projects, contact Creeklife for ideas!

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