When was the last time you made a conscious effort to help the environment? Can you name more than three ways that you are benefiting Earth today?

This world is unfathomably large. And yet, with a small amount of energy, motivation, and commitment, you can make a gigantic difference in the future.

Children are being taught about helping the earth with creative slogans like “Use the 3 R’s”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Colorful Recycling Containers for Trash

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“We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Purported to be a Native American saying.

Adults can learn how to begin helping the environment by utilizing this short list of simple ideas, which are extrapolations of the “3 R’s”.


Conserve water! Do not wash dishes or brush your teeth with the water continuously running. Only run appliances when you have completely full loads of laundry or dishes.

Decrease gasoline usage! Run all of your errands in one day. Do not drive your automobile more than 5 days a week. (This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1,590 pounds per year, according to the EPA.) Use mass transit, carpool, walk or bike in to work/school at least once a week.


Compost! Instead of merely collecting trash for weekly pick up by the garbage man, who will deliver it to a landfill, learn how to compost (which is not very difficult and provides an added benefit of excellent natural fertilizer for your garden!).


Save your “waste”! Not only are you minimizing pollution by recycling, you can actually earn a little extra cash by collecting your aluminum cans and taking them to the salvage yard where they pay per pound. So do not throw away cans, bottles, glass, paper, etc. It’s like throwing away money! Instead, toss these items into the recycling bin, which has probably been provided for you by the local government as most cities have implemented recycling programs. Frequently, your participation is mandatory not optional in communities that help the environment one step at a time.

“Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.” The motto of the Baltimore Grotto, a caving society.

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