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The Oregon Coast Alliance


Growing up it’s great having an older sibling that looks out for you, I think of the Oregon Coast Alliance as an older brother or sister. I see a group of dedicated folks looking out for their neighbors best interest. The mission of the Orgeon Coast Alliance is “to protect the Oregon coast by working with coastal residents for sustainable communities; protection and restoration of coastal and marine natural resources; providing education and advocacy on land use development; and adaptation to climate change”. Oregon features some of the most beautiful coastal land in the United States. Oregon Coast Alliance has been putting in the work to keep it that way.

Sand Lake estuary - Creeklife

The Oregon Coast Alliance is run by a group of passionate legal and environmental professionals committed to protecting the beautiful state of Oregon. Their work has raised awareness of environmental issues related to the Oregon Coast and has helped to bring victories in protecting these precious habitats. Their struggle is ongoing and they currently feature a host of projects on their website.

A current project of Oregon Coast Alliance is to advocate for the removal of Stolz Dam. This dam was built illegally in 1980 on Johnson Creek without the permit required by the Oregon Department of Water Resources. Johnson Creek used to be known as a salmon stream featuring runs of many different species. Due to poor farming, logging and the illegal Stolz Dam, the Johnson Creek salmon runs have halted. Oregon Coast Alliance is working with the residents and farmers of Johnson Creek to restore the creek by removing its biggest adversary, the Stolz Dam. Keep an eye on their other projects, land use , habitat protection/, and their focus on the various extractive-industries in the state.

The work of Oregon Coast Alliance has resulted in several success stories. One of their recent victories included the decision of the Parks Commission to purchase the Sand Lake estuary located in Tillamook County, Oregon. This particular estuary is one of only five estuaries on the Oregon Coast zoned as a “Natural” estuary, which means that development around the area is restricted. The Oregon Coast Alliance committed to protecting this estuary and in June 2014 the Parks Commission purchased it making it the newest state park in Oregon as of late summer 2014. The preservation of the estuary will conserve natural habitats and will protect the area from unnecessary development.

Oregon Costal Alliance

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Oregon Coast Alliance provides a great example of passionate people dedicating their time and efforts to protect one of the most precious world assets; the beauty of nature and the environment.

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