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Fundraising Ideas For Football Games – Flag Fundball


fundraising ideas for football clubs

Flag football MPR Photo/Jennifer Simonson

♦ As one of our many fundraising ideas for football, we’ve come up with yet another event fundraiser idea to help your community and environment, which will also get the kids out and exercising: Flag Fundball!

Flag Fundball is flag football turned into a fundraiser!tweet it TWEET

Flag Fundball – A Real Fundraisers Football Game!

Just follow these flag football rules, and apply our fundraising rules to them. Multiple games would probably be the best way to go to make it a longer event. If you have a big open park or grassy area, you may be able to have more than one game going on at one time.

Flag football is usually played by 6 – 10 players. 10 would probably be best for the fundraiser. It is played basically the same as regular football, with a few differences.

– First possession after coin flip starts at 5 yard line (or you can kick off, but that is sometimes deemed unsafe for kids because they are running at each other from across the field with no helmets or padding)

– Team in possession gets 4 downs to cross midfield. If midfield is crossed within those downs, another 4 downs is given to score. If the team in possession does not reach midfield or score, the opposite teams gets to start on their 5 yard line.

– Touchdowns are 6 points but extra points are different: A team can try a run from the 5 yard line for one point, or from the 12 yard line for two points.


NOW apply these guidelines to your flag football game and boom! Fundraiser.


– Find individuals, groups, or companies in your area who are willing to participate (donate or match donations). Values will probably vary from these guidelines depending on who you find to donate and/or match. Donation matchers are not required to accomplish fundraising.


– Every time a touchdown is scored the participants will donate $50.


– Every time an extra point is scored the participants will donate $15. $30 for 2.


– In order to encourage defenders to not just let the offense score for more donations: Every flag pulled (a tackle) $10 donations. Interceptions are worth $40 donations.


Just One Of Many Fundraising Ideas For Football Clubs

This brings your community together, gets the kids some exercise, and funds a great cause.
Identify an environmental problem in your area, start a fund on Creeklife, and apply this physical crowdfunding idea to your online fund.

Or find a cause on our website that is already setup. Here are a couple of really good causes on our action pages that money can be raised for!

Clean up Black Beach!

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Flag football can be played in different ways with different rules. We recommend checking out Livestrong for the most up-to-date rules on flag football. You’ll find tons of great tips on coaching and playing!

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