The world of fundraising is changing for businesses and nonprofits alike, and the results are unpredictable.

Due to the troubled economy, among other things, folks involved in raising money for specific causes are facing a change in their donors. Donors have less to give, so they are less inclined to give to just anyone.

They want a responsible cause that they can get involved in, or at least a cause that makes them feel good about what they are giving. Some people want to donate time instead of money. Not to mention, a stressed economy means less government funds all around.

Thanks to technology, fundraising is taking that challenge head on! Crowd Funding, event fundraising, and other online fundraising websites are on the rise, with new niche websites opening every day! In spite of the struggling economy, people are always looking for causes to raise money for. Inevitably, in our digital age, they look to online fundraising pages.

That is why Creeklife was started! Creeklife is an online fundraising service that connects donor funds with the projects and people who are willing to do the work. Creeklife’s niche is the outdoors, and that means that it’s easy to find environmental causes to raise money for.

If you are an environmentally minded individual looking for a way to start a fundraiser online for a cause you feel is important, then Creeklife might be just what you are looking for. If you are a donor in this digital age, and you want a cause to raise money for that is responsible and effective, you should check out the map and find the online fundraising page that is right for you.

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