Everyone has heard about global warming. We know that the environment around us is threatened. At times, the problem is so large that it becomes overwhelming. Most of us want to help but we simply don’t know how. If you want to get involved, start in your local community. There are easy ways to help the environment that start with your local creek or watershed and take very little time and effort.

1. Adopt a Stream

There is nothing formal about adopting a stream. If you don’t have a stream in your region, adopt a creek, a river, or watershed, and pledge to keep it clean. With a few biodegradable garbage bags, a pair of gardening gloves and an afternoon, you have all you need to rid a stream of litter and trash.

2. Dispose Trash Properly

Always dispose of your trash properly. Never pour chemicals or prescription medications into the drain or flush them down the toilet. Most cities have a center that accepts hazardous waste, and communities are beginning to hold drives to collect old medication. In fact, if you have outdated medication, take it back to the pharmacist who will dispose of it correctly. Medications and chemicals flushed down the toilet end up in our water supply, killing fish and other natives of the ecosystem.

3. Replace Your Cleaners

There are a wide variety of non-toxic, biodegradable cleansers on the market today. The next time you run out of your current cleaning product, replace it with one that is healthier for the environment. If you are feeling ambitious, scour the Internet for cleaner recipes that use items you already have in your cupboards. Like medications, toxic chemicals from your cleaners can end up in the local water. Using biodegradable or homemade cleaners ensures that our waterways are kept clean.

4. Pay Attention to Runoff

Pay close attention to your property and the way that water runs off of it. Fertilizers and other chemicals run off the land and into our streams and watersheds. Visit the USDA’s site to discover how you can change the chemicals you use, prevent polluted runoff, and make a difference in your local water supply.

Don’t be overwhelmed when it comes to helping the environment. There are easy ways that you and your family can help. Visit us to discover more ways that you can help the environment in your own community.

Posted by Mark Contorno

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