Today it’s more important than ever for environmental awareness to be part of everyone’s daily activities. More people need to understand the many benefits associated with preserving and protecting the natural world. It is essential to realize that the physical environment where we live is something humans can easily damage but not so easily fix. More environmental awareness will make a big difference for current and future generations.

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According to an article in Conservation Magazine, “Imprecise knowledge about the relative magnitude of environmental problems may not be unusual, but public misconception could impede corrective policies. […] Regardless of actual knowledge, people‚Äôs perception of environmental issues has influenced their support for different policies.”

Promoting environmental awareness should begin at the local level. It seems that all neighborhoods have an area that has been harmed by human activity. Knowing the latest information about helping the environment is important. Being able to utilize that information within a specific neighborhood is a huge help. This will bring environmental awareness down to a personal level. People will realize how they are affected when the environment is not properly maintained.


Photo from Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay.

An effective way to help increase awareness is to start by carefully choosing one specific environmental issue. This can then be the focus of a local community. It should be an issue that impacts the local neighborhood. Cleaning a well-known local creek filled with human litter could be a good way to show the benefits of environmental awareness. Sharing the negative effects of drilling and more can help people understand the issues that affect them where they live.

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When a place is transformed from an area filled with litter and debris into a pristine location of natural beauty people will notice. These results need to be shared with as many people as possible. Individuals in positions of authority need to be made aware of how this success has improved the environment of the local community.

If you would you like to begin your environmental awareness program by cleaning up a local creek, start browsing!

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