Eagle Scout Medal

Eagle Scout Medal; photo by Ben E (Flickr).

The culminating achievement of the Boy Scouts of America is to earn the Eagle Scout rank. Of course, 21 merit badges are required, but a prospective Eagle must also complete a meaningful service project that benefits his community. As we have discussed before, Creeklife can help Boy Scouts accomplish that goal.

What do Creeklife and Boy Scouts have in common?

Graphic from the Leave No Trace Community blog.

Creeklife seeks to protect and repair our environment across the entire country. Boy Scouts also focus on discovering and supporting nature. A reader commented on our Facebook page that “Leave No Trace” has been an important part of Boy Scout training from the beginning. Among the required merit badges for an Eagle Scout, you will find Environmental Science, Camping, Swimming, Hiking, and Cycling. Other elective badges include Soil and Water Conservation, Wilderness Survival, and Sustainability.

Eagle Scout Youth Honored

Eagle Scout Youth Honored

Photos from Houston Eagle Scout Association: 1 & 2.

How can Creeklife help Boy Scouts?

1) Identify an area of concern: Creeklife has a map feature which allows people to see the watersheds or areas that collect water underground for a region. There are 2,110 watersheds in the United States. Many watersheds are polluted and need to be cleaned. Boy Scouts can use the map feature to identify zones that need volunteer efforts.

2) Crowdfund: One hurdle that a prospective Eagle has to jump through once he has identified a meaningful project is figuring out how to fund it. Fundraising can be done, but it requires that an application be submitted in advance. Donations are also accepted with limitations. By creating an action on Creeklife, a Boy Scout can start an effort to clean a particular area. Then he can encourage people to make donations to fund the cleanup of that area. He can even gather volunteers to help work on his project.

Completing an Eagle Scout project isn’t just about one Scout volunteering their time and efforts to make a difference in their community. The project is meant to be a leadership opportunity for the Scout to galvanize the community to action in behalf of a good cause. A good project should involve as many people as possible.

Creeklife is a innovative resource that can help Boy Scouts who may be looking for a project that focuses on a true need in their local environment. Other Boy Scout troops may want to use Creeklife to identify volunteer opportunities for the other service projects that they periodically perform. For more information and specific help in planning a significant service project, check out the map or contact us via one of the social media links below.

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