December 2, 2013

Crowdfunding for the Environment: Top Advantages

Planet Earth

Photograph by APH0risma on Flickr.

Right now Mother Earth needs all the help she can get. As the population grows and industry expands, the environment is becoming our most exploited resource. Making a difference requires small steps from each of us. For larger projects, crowdfunding can become a lucrative option to acquire the resources that are needed to help clean up and maintain natural treasures within a community.

Advantages of crowdfunding for the environment:

  • Raise awareness for your cause. By getting the word out to the masses, you will not only secure funds for your project, but raise awareness for environmental issues in your area.
  • Allow your donors to see their impact. When using a universal platform for funding, donors can watch your cause grow and know that they made a difference in environmental conservation.
  • Create a buzz. Crowdfunding creates a buzz around your cause. As it spreads awareness, it prompts others to investigate environmental conservation and issues and take action in surrounding areas.
  • Develop commitment and community. Your cause is a noble one. By encouraging those around your area to donate, you are essentially connecting like minded individuals with a common cause, improving your communities vital and beautiful resources for future generations.
  • Connect your organization with others. Canvassing an area on foot is a important task, but you are limited in how far your organization can reach. Crowdfunding allows your organization to connect with other individuals and organizations near your area that want to improve the conditions of your community’s lakes, rivers, creeks, and watersheds.
  • Make every donation count. Some individuals can only donate so much to a cause they feel strongly about due to financial restraints. These individuals are encouraged by the the fact that they can add to the pool of donations, allowing them to make a difference no matter the size of their donation.

If you need funding for an environmental project in your area, Creeklife allows individuals to raise funds and awareness for environmental conservation in their community.

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