Plastic Pollution – How You Can Help.

  Topics: Plastics ,Ways to protect the environment and Wildlife .     Plastic Pollution – It’s a Killer and Makes Us Sad.   Plastic pollution is not only unsightly and disgusting, it is also pretty dangerous to wildlife, aquatic wildlife especially! If you haven’t seen the iconic photographs of the plastic-filled albatrosses by Chris […]

Ways to Reduce Summer Pollution Without Getting Hot and Sticky

Summer is here! For many people, the next few months will include hot and sticky weather. We’re not necessarily complaining: warmth will be a welcome change after such a cold winter. However, the hot season is often heavily polluted, due to all those people driving to the beach with their air conditioners on! We want […]

Production Follows Values

Topics: Bees Companies with the same ideals end up sinking their roots into the same soil, not in competition but in mutually nourishing coexistence. These groups work together to promote a healthy ecosystem. When we’re talking about environmental organizations, “healthy ecosystem” isn’t just a metaphor. Photo via Edible Cleveland. Timothy Riffle of HIVE and COOP […]

Bird Watch: How to Help Five US Species Threatened by Watershed Pollution

The effects of watershed contamination are felt by all of the species that inhabit a local community, from humans to insects. However, some wildlife groups are impacted more than others, suffering from loss of habitat and disrupted breeding patterns, the frequent consequences of careless human activity. This post will introduce you to five bird species […]

Water Pollution in the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes combined account for around 20% of the entire world’s freshwater supply, which is why keeping them clean is of utmost importance. These lakes are all one system, yet each one has its own unique characteristics that make dealing with water pollution different. Here are some water pollution facts about the Great Lakes […]

How to Prevent Massive Environmental Pollution from Coal Sludge

The Dan River in 2007, by KMason (Flickr). Only a couple weeks ago, North Carolina’s Dan River was a reasonably healthy waterway. Its banks provided food, shelter, and habitat to birds and other wildlife, while its waters were a happy home for fish species ranging from native brook trout to landlocked striped bass. Now, a […]

When Pollution Dirties Water, The Facts Are Often Clear

The United States is looking forward to being less dependent on foreign oil, but the process by which we produce our own fuel has led to fears of further pollution in our water supplies. More and more frequently, we learn of new hazardous industry practices that give us great cause for concern, especially when the […]

Pollution Isn’t Pretty: Campaigning for Mid-Michigan Watersheds

Oops, that pollution actually is kinda pretty. Photo by Mike King. A new campaign in the center of Michigan is looking to raise awareness for contaminated watersheds. The project, Pollution Isn’t Pretty, has the support of several local eco-protection groups, such as Eaton Conservation District. These organizations directly serve their communities by focusing on natural […]

Air Pollution Facts From Global to Local

Earth is the only planet in our solar system where humans can live and breathe. But air pollution threatens our vital atmosphere, and thus our health. This phenomenon affects communities both locally and globally. It’s important to be aware of key air pollution facts. Here are a few: Fact #1: Urban outdoor air pollution is […]

Fighting Water Pollution With Fungi

Many people have encountered fungi in the form of mold, or perhaps athlete’s foot. What most of us don’t realize is that fungi can serve as an ideal tool to fight water pollution. There are two different-but-related methods for using fungi in this manner: mycofiltration and mycoremediation. Fungus photographed by JuliaC2006 on Flickr. Mycofiltration refers […]