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Use Blogging & Social Media to Raise Money for the Environment

Graphic via Personal Excellence. Dreaming big is expensive, once you start to realize those dreams. Luckily, money for helping the environment is definitely out there. In order to convince people that they should contribute to your ecofriendly cause, it’s good to have every advantage. We can’t help with everything, but we do have one amazing […]

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Reduce Pollution While Preparing Your Lawn and Garden for Summer

Those of us who are passionate about protecting the environment are always looking for ways to reduce pollution. Some strategies, like modifying your diet, are easy to practice in all seasons. Others are more relevant at certain times of year. Gardeners across the US are shaking the dust off of their shovels and making their […]

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The Benefits of a Volunteer Monitoring Program Flow Two Ways

Volunteer monitoring programs are an excellent way to keep tabs on local watersheds. Individuals from the community offer their time and effort to observe and record conditions in creeks, streams, and more. National studies and research efforts help us form a holistic view of environmental health, but we need local eyes to track progress in […]

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Bioindicators for Prairie Wetlands

Microbial and Algal Communities Indicating Pollutant Contamination My friends, put on your science hats. It’s gonna be a wild ride. Andrew Young feat. Wikipedia. Bioindicators are living signs that pollution is happening, often in the form of microbial organisms like algae. Certain kinds of algae are found to bloom in the case of aquatic contamination […]

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