Six Reasons Why Plastic Is Bad for the Environment

      Ways to help the environment   While this material can be useful, plastic pollution is the leading type of discarded material. Invented in 1907 by Leo Baekeland in New York, He developed the process to make plastic for the masses, then in 1947 the plastic bottle made it’s debut. This brings us […]

2014’s Top Environmental Issues

The new year is about to start. What are some likely environmental priorities for 2014? Photo via Cool Stuff For Vip. Nanoparticles: In many industries, companies are using infinitesimally small particles of matter for a variety of purposes. For example, silver is often used to help fabric resist bacteria growth–or to make gloves appropriate for […]

New Environmental Remediation Fund

In a recent announcement made by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), the PIDC is providing a new resource in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency: the environmental remediation fund. The environmental remediation fund will be used to address significant, contaminated sites that have underperformed in improving their conditions. The fund essentially provides low-interest loans […]

Protecting the Environment One Re-Usable Bag at a Time

Topics:Protecting the environmentAccording to the EPA, everyone lives in a watershed, “…and our individual actions can directly affect it.” A watershed is any area of land off of which water runs into streams, creeks and rivers. Many small bodies of water and the wildlife therein are threatened by pollution, and plastic bags are among the greatest […]

The role of art in environmental awareness

Could it be that our failure to tackle environmental concerns is not a result a shortage of information but rather our inability to imagine? After a recent showing of animal portraits, viewer’s perceptions of how they felt when looking at the animals were analyzed.  Without any kind of accompanying messages or words, 90% of the viewers spontaneously […]

Environmental Preservation: How To Help Protect The Environment

Environmental preservation is necessary because Earth’s resources are limited and threatened by human activity. Environmental protection focuses on efficiency, protecting wildlife and flora, and minimizing carbon footprints. At the macro level, environmental preservation is carried out through legislation, community outreach, and increasing the public’s environmental awareness. However, you can also help the environment right at […]

Carbaryl and its Effects on the Grand River Watershed

The Grand River watershed is a 712 acre area that travels 98 miles into Lake Erie. A watershed is any area where water under that area, or water that drains from that area, goes to the same place. They can cross any county, state or national boundary. For those of you who live in Lake […]

Protecting the Grand River environment is important

Water is probably the most valuable resource on the planet, which is why it is so important to protect and preserve watersheds around the world. To be able to protect these places, it is important to understand where and what they are. Watersheds play an important role because it is the area of land that […]