Putting Watershed Road Signs In Your Community

Watershed road signs are an important means of getting your community involved in protecting its watersheds, but the prospect of actually getting them installed may seem a little daunting. Road signs need to be designed, purchased, and then installed with the blessing of the relevant local authorities. All of these steps require some time, effort, […]

The Vast and Vital Drainage Basin of the Colorado River

Meander of the Colorado River; photo by CitizenFresh (deviantART). The drainage basin of the Colorado River constitutes the 7th largest watershed in North America. Size estimates vary from source to source, but most describe it as being roughly 245,000 square miles. This area encompasses parts of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, […]

Environmental Awareness Begins at the Local Level

Today it’s more important than ever for environmental awareness to be part of everyone’s daily activities. More people need to understand the many benefits associated with preserving and protecting the natural world. It is essential to realize that the physical environment where we live is something humans can easily damage but not so easily fix. […]

Early 2014 Pollution: Disaster for West Virginia Watershed

2014 has already been a bad year for the watersheds of West Virginia. March has barely started, but the state has suffered three major spills. The result is a dangerous increase in the toxicity of local watersheds. There were two separate spills from Freedom Industries, which is in Charleston, West Virginia. Patriot Coal Corporation, located […]

DDT: Still Threatening the Health of Your Community

What we put in the earth stays with us for a long time, and will continue affecting our health for decades to come. According to a recent article published by Environmental Health News, at least one study shows that exposure to the now-banned pesticide DDT is correlated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Josh […]

The Neuse River: a Valuable North Carolina Resource

Sunset on the Neuse River by Travis (Flickr). The winding Neuse River begins in Piedmont, North Carolina, and empties into the Pamlico Sound. Along the way, it encompasses over 6,000 miles of watershed, making it the longest river in North Carolina. At its mouth, the Neuse is the widest river in the continental United States, […]

Rivers and Possible Hazards While Having Fun

Swimming hole in Hawaii; photo by kezz (deviantART). It can be very refreshing to take a dip in a river or creek (especially if you’ve got your own secret swimming hole). Many people choose local bodies of water for recreation, where they enjoy various aquatic activities: swimming, fishing, boating, etc. However, some rivers are not […]

Pennsylvania Government Protects Watersheds with Growing Greener Grants

More than $20.65 million is going towards projects in Pennsylvania for the protection of watersheds across the state, as announced by Governor Tom Corbett. Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection will invest this money in over 100 projects to reduce nonpoint source pollution. Beech Creek Watershed in Pennsylvania; photo by Nicholas Tonelli. Three quarters of the […]

An Aquatic Introduction to Ashtabula County

Ohio’s Ashtabula County is well-known for its beaches, rivers, and agriculture. It is not surprising that life in the area revolves around water. In fact, “Ashtabula” comes from an Algonquin word meaning “river of many fish”. Ashtabula River in winter; photo by Cameron Kennedy. Ashtabula County has a total of three rivers: Grand River, Ashtabula […]

The Drinking Water Crisis in Review

Amar Guriro describes his photo: “A resident of Achhro Thar […] is taking his camel to get well water. [This part of Pakistan] is facing acute potable water shortage.” One commenter offered grim praise: “This amazing image brings home the fundamental importance of water and the urgency of its increasing scarcity in parts of the […]