Environmental health and the importance of watersheds

If you’re like me, you don’t take a moment each day to be thankful for plants and Website Developers. But if you’re even more like me, you think maybe you should. Plants aren’t just our best defense against fighting climate change and global warming. They’re vital for environmental health , and because our environment sustains […]

Insects Helping the Environment

  Related Topics on Creeklife Insect Related Articles Habitats   Many of us consider insects as pests because the only time they enter into our awareness is when they bite or sting us or when we find them in places they don’t belong such as in our homes. However without them, the world would be […]

Top Ways to help the environment -Use Rain Barrels

Many of us want more ways to help the environment and don’t often hear about rain barrels. They are a simple way to conserve water and reduce your summer watering bills. They reduce water pollution by reducing the amount of water that goes into storm drains. They reduce your water use since most rain barrels […]

Understanding Rhythms in Nature To Avoid Pollution

In the modern world, we have a calendar that moves directly forward. The year 2014 comes after the year 2013. And the month of June comes after the month of May. For us, time is a linear process. Time as a Cyclical Process   Unlike us, there are certain cultures that believe that time is […]

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the News, Helping the Environment

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts know the importance of helping the environment. Their leaders spend time teaching them eco-strategies, and scouts earn badges for their efforts. This instills in each of them the value of preserving our environment. We don’t always hear about what they do, so we want to take some time to honor […]

States of Water: Helping Kids Understand and Get Involved with the Environment

Before you start saving the environment, you have to understand it, and the learning process begins during childhood. There are many easy, everyday experiments that will help teach kids the importance of healthy ecosystems. You may remember some of them from your own childhood. And if you don’t, there‚Äôs no harm in brushing up your […]

Everyday Superheroes Use Physical Fitness to Improve Environmental Health

Are you a fitness buff? Even if you aren’t faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Planet Earth still needs your help. Starting today, you can use your exceptional physical prowess to improve environmental health. Don’t let your strength and speed go […]

Help the Environment by Reducing Food Waste

Most people don’t realize this, but food production is one of society’s most environmentally destructive activities. The greenhouse gasses generated from agriculture are more than those emitted from motor vehicles, airplanes, and trains combined. A great deal of pollution results from agriculture, from sources such as pesticides and manure. These pollutants often find their way […]

How Will 3D Printing Affect the Environment?

Over the past few years, 3D printing has flourished in the public’s imagination. This exciting breakout technology is often mentioned in the news, accompanied by utopian predictions about the potential impact on our society. From a purely consumerist point of view, those enthusiastic prophecies sound like heaven.   Photo by Mirko Tobias Schaefer.   Who […]

Teaching Your Children Environmental Awareness When You Don’t Have a Backyard

Gardening is one of the best ways to teach your children about the environment. They can discover how plants grow from a seed, thus understanding the origins of the food they eat. It is alarming how many small children believe that fruits and vegetables are made at the grocery store. Exposing a child to gardening […]