How to Protect the Environment During a Drought: Everyday Water Conservation

Dry, cracked earth in Portugal. Photo by Pedro Valdez. It’s always important to consider how we can conserve precious natural resources. During times of drought, we need to be extra cautious about local watersheds. Sensitive species and delicate biomes are especially prone to damage when water is scarce. This article will suggest ways for you […]

Protect the Environment by Fighting Re-Zoning

Zoning laws in the U.S. are intended to allow cities to develop according to an efficient, aesthetically pleasing plan. Although cities have zoning committees whose job it is to determine how land may be used within their jurisdiction, the people in the community have a powerful voice that can affect zoning decisions. Photo by Top […]

Save the Environment by Not Eating Meat (Sometimes)

Topics: Environmental Health and Ways to help the environment How Sometimes-Vegetarianism is Saving the Planet One Meal at a Time Let’s face it: many of us find meat delicious. Fragrant barbecues in the summertime with ribs and burgers on the grill. The smell of bacon in the air before Sunday brunch. Chicken hot wings during […]

Reduce Pollution and Save Money: College Student Edition

Topics: Recycling and Ways to help the environment. Help The Environment and Save Money For School. Environmental action can be difficult to translate into a busy academic schedule. Many college students feel that they don’t have the money, time or energy for extra responsibilities. However, working to reduce pollution has the added benefit of being […]