Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning and Reduce Summer Pollution

Until our energy grid is 100% powered by renewable energy, energy usage will continue to contribute to environmental pollution. Unlike the need to heat our homes in winter, air conditioning in the summer is more of a creature comfort than a survival necessity. Air conditioning consumes so much energy that it often causes power brownouts; […]

How to Help Honey Bees & Reduce Colony Collapse Disorder

Topics: Bees  Helping the environment is a lofty goal and luckily also an attainable one! Helping to clean up roadsides, take care of our watersheds, reduce pollution, and save the distressed creatures of this planet are all ways to get involved and make a difference. One particular way to help the environment is to educate […]

Help the Adorable Olinguito & Promote Biodiversity

“Scientists trekking deep in Colombia‘s La Mesenia Reserve Forest recently spotted a young olinguito, a mammal that was just confirmed as a new species in August. Scientists say it is the first new carnivore found in the Western Hemisphere in more than three decades.” Photo and quote via National Geographic. A newly discovered species is […]

Conserving Amphibian Environments to Save Our Froggy Friends

I grew up in the South, surrounded by the music of frogs chirping. They were an important sign that spring was coming, like crocuses poking up in the garden. Nowadays it is rare to see a frog, or even to hear a stray RIBBIT by the pond. This is not something you think about until […]