The Ecosystem of the Hemlock Ravines in the Lower Grand River Watershed

The course of the Grand River provides an excellent habitat for many rare, threatened, and endangered species in Ohio. The beautiful hemlock forests found in the lower portion of the watershed are critical to most of these species’ survival. The woods are located in ravines along the river’s tributaries, where the steep valley walls of […]

Ecofriendly Disposal of Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Topics: Composting, Recycling and Nitrogen What do used coffee grounds and environmental conservation have to do with each other? A lot, considering the ubiquity of coffee. This beverage has become a part of many Americans’ daily routine, and not just as a caffeinated breakfast. Dwelling Process states, “For some, it is not only a tasty […]

Ecofriendly Spring Cleaning

Graphic by Ron Mader. Vintage spring cleaning via Nationaal Archief. The sun is shining, the weather is getting warmer, and many of us plan to spruce up our homes for spring. That can involve using a lot of chemicals, which will contribute to air and water pollution. Luckily, there are plenty of easy green recipes […]

Reduce Urban Runoff & Help Prevent Nonpoint Source Pollution

Photo by solarnu (Flickr). Do you know what happens to rainwater and snowmelt when they flow across the ground and soak into the soil? As the water moves, it picks up pollutants, ultimately spreading them to lakes, streams, and groundwater reserves. The farther the water has to travel before it can soak into the ground, […]

Guide to Planting Helpful Plants for Creek Restoration

There are a lot of ways to help your local creek system: cleaning up trash from the banks of a stream, addressing Superfund sites, or even changing your car washing habits. All of these actions will improve watershed health. However, an aspect that can be overlooked is the natural habitat around a creek itself, namely […]

How do Artificial Waterways Affect Watershed Pollution?

When we think about fighting watershed pollution, we often think about the efforts we must take to protect the waterways that occur naturally in our communities. From small creeks to roaring rivers, these habitats have often been developing for thousands of years without any human intervention. They have shaped the conditions of the environments we […]

Say No to Salt: 5 Eco-Friendly Ice-Melting Alternatives

$13 on Etsy; $9 will be donated the Rainforest Action Network’s Protect-an-Acre program. Photo by David Robert Crews. How ’bout that polar vortex, huh? Much of the United States is currently covered in ice and snow, which means that clearing driveways, sidewalks, and roads has been a big activity for many families and cities during […]

History of the San Antonio River Walk in Texas

Photo by schwagz23 (deviantART). Over the course more than fifty years, the San Antonio River Walk has become one of the main tourist attractions in Texas. From its humble beginnings in 1968, the River Walk is now a bustling scene full of special events and celebrations outlining the river’s history and current conservation efforts. Founders […]

Frozen Creek Snorkeling

I had never heard of creek snorkeling before receiving a message from Keith Williams. It’s exactly what it sounds like: taking a look inside a creek using scuba gear. Now that I know what it is, I almost can’t believe that people do this–especially during winter! A recent post serves to highlight Keith’s intrepid determination: […]

Watershed Boundaries vs. Sewershed Boundaries

In order to ensure urban health and wellness, the people who plan infrastructure for the future need to base their developments on accurate environmental data. Failure to use reliable information allows planners to overlook the consequences of their actions, possibly resulting in a negative impact on the local environment. Artwork by Cyril Rolando. The boundary […]