Strengthening Boy Scouts’ Youth Citizenship Through Creeklife

As young adventurers, the Boy Scouts of America develop their characters within nature, while simultaneously improving physical fitness through outdoor activities. More importantly, boy scouts learn about land and wildlife conservation and share their skills, research, and information with their communities. Stressing citizenship alongside character, the boy scouts can learn a lot from environmental action. […]

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Studio Spectre x Creeklife

Artist Stephen R. Moore of Studio Spectre was kind enough to send Creeklife some examples of his beautiful artwork: “I recently saw your website Creeklife and thought that the mission was very interesting. I wanted to contact you and show you some of my nature artwork that was done for a project in 2012 called […]

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Let’s Go On A Hike

If you’re anything like me, it can be awfully hard to motivate yourself to go exploring when it’s frigid outside. Even though you know you’ll enjoy it! WebMD’s Facebook post was a good reminder that I should be running around in the fresh air. So naturally, instead of actually taking off on a hike, I […]

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How Are You Helping the Earth?

When was the last time you made a conscious effort to help the environment? Can you name more than three ways that you are benefiting Earth today? This world is unfathomably large. And yet, with a small amount of energy, motivation, and commitment, you can make a gigantic difference in the future. Children are being […]

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