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Methylmercury Poisoning: Waterborne Madness

Methylmercury (MeHg) is a very simple organo-metallic compound with a devastating ability to pollute and poison. The ramifications of widespread industrial use of methylmercury first appeared more than five decades ago: Japan in the 1960s. Failure to acknowledge the outbreak of methylmercury poisoning delayed research, meaning the problem took longer […]

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How Do Rivers Form?

From the Mississippi to the Colorado to the Potomac, natural waterways are vital to America’s environment, economy, and recreation. But few people know or wonder how these rivers formed their courses. Utah: Canyonlands by Marivel87 (deviantART). The birth of a river is dependent on its water-source, which might be snowmelt, […]

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Diclofenac Contamination & Vultures

Diclofenac is principally an antibiotic drug given to commercial domestic animals. In countries where cattle farms are abundant, Diclofenac is used extensively to treat bovine diseases. For many years, the ill effects of this drug were left unstudied. However, researchers have recently unveiled Diclofenac’s impact on scavenging bird populations (e.g. […]

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Use Apps to Protect the Environment

Technology has proven to be a double-edged sword when analyzing its effects on the environment. So how can we protect the environment while utilizing technical tools, like computers or mobile devices? One way is to use apps that can inform and help people all over the world about eco-friendly living […]

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