creek restoration

Gravel Pit Restoration: Biodiverse Wetlands for Wildlife Protection

Gravel and sand are valuable construction materials. High transportation costs mean that they must be mined near where they are going to be used. Because these materials are so abundant along riverbeds and lakeshores, gravel pits and sand quarries are common throughout America’s watersheds. Loading concrete sand at the quarry. Photo by bedforal (Flickr). Unlike […]

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Creek Restoration in Colorado: the Human Element

In a previous post, we talked about how Colorado’s recent floods devastated the habitats of riparian animals. Of course, it’s hard to mention those ravaged watersheds without turning wondering about the human habitats that were affected. People’s lives were turned into flotsam and jetsam by this unexpected disaster. They are still rebuilding, and efforts to […]

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River Restoration: 10 Reasons to Remove old Dams

Dams are essential for storing and diverting water, processes which enable hydropower, irrigation, flood control, and consumption by humans or livestock. However, dams have a huge impact on river ecosystems. They drastically alter water flow, affecting natural fauna dispersal and distribution patterns. The consequences for freshwater ecology are disastrous. Over 75,000 dams greater than 6 […]

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