Natural Americana with Zack Frank Photography

Zack Frank is a photographer and self-described “National Park enthusiast”. He has traversed much of America, using his camera to document the country’s natural glory. Frank’s portfolio includes shots of famous heritage sites like Yellowstone and Yosemite, as well as lesser-known idylls: for example, Washington’s Scablands and California’s Lava Tubes. The latter areas, often skipped […]

A Sticky Situation: DilBit & the Environment in 2014

TransCanada Keystone Oil pipeline photographed by Shannon Ramos. What is DilBit? DilBit is industrial shorthand for diluted bitumen, a new source of petroleum that is extracted in Canada and piped across Canada and the US for processing, like in the Keystone Pipeline Bitumen is rich in petroleum, but it is nearly solid at room temperature. […]