community action

Take the Initiative to Promote Environmental Preservation in Your Community

Delivering the message of environmental preservation to the larger public has often been a challenge for ecofriendly organizations. Frequently the audience is not ready to accept the issues at hand. Organizations need new ways to reach out and help people realize that environmental concerns will affect everyone. Campaign by Project GreenBag. The Challenge of Presenting […]

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Get Your Community Creek Walking

Some people look at creek walking as a fun form of exercise. Others look to a walk on the local creek as chance to meditate on nature, or maybe draw inspiration for some artistic work. Still others walk along their favorite creeks with a critical eye, watching for places where humans have scarred or polluted […]

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Using Phytoremediation for Environmental Cleanup

The world is “going green”, and phytoremediation is an environmental cleanup technique that means going green literally as well as figuratively. According to the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, phytoremediation is “the use of green plants to remove pollutants from the environment or render them harmless.” ARS plant physiologist Leon Kochian commented, “Contaminated soils and waters […]

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