Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts know the importance of helping the environment. Their leaders spend time teaching them eco-strategies, and scouts earn badges for their efforts. This instills in each of them the value of preserving our environment. We don’t always hear about what they do, so we want to take some time to honor their efforts:



1. The Aspen Cub Scouts planted 27 trees at Maroon Bells campsite. They did this as a community project to provide seclusion between sites and to help revegetate areas that have erosion problems. The project included digging the holes for the trees, moving rocks, and planting the trees. One young scout reported he liked the project because he got to hang out with his friends and help the environment.

2. The Girl Scouts on the Marine Corps Air Station in Japan planted a tree after going on a journey focused on breathing. The girls learned about air pollution and how to decrease both air and water pollution. These young American girls planted the tree to positively contribute to the world environment.



3. A Girl Scout in Juneau has received the Gold Award for a project addressing the issue of human-generated debris on marine ecosystems. She stated the reason for this project was she appreciates the environment and is concerned about pollution on the beaches.

4. Two Westwood Boy Scouts received their Eagle badges and were credited for community service projects that included installing trail entrance signs to keep people from walking on fragile plants. They also removed brush, trees, and overgrowth to help the new plants that were growing.


Save the world!!

Photo by Pavel Ahmed.


If you know of other scouts that should be honored, let them know how much you appreciate their environmental help. And let us know so we can spread the word!

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