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Find the river and you will find the sea

– French Proverb

We humans are becoming increasingly more interested in preserving our health and the health of the world that we live in. In order to increase the health of our world, we need to engross ourselves in it. We need to be active participants in our ecosystems. In order to increase our physical health we need to get up and move. Here is a suggestion that will help you do both!

Go canoeing with a river guide like Lauren from The River’s Path in Colorado.

Going canoeing is great for so many reasons. You can canoe in the ocean, on rivers, or in lakes. You can canoe for the adventure of going somewhere you’ve never been, or you can canoe to make connections with people and with nature. Whether you go on a trip with Lauren, or with some other guide, here are three reasons for taking a guide.

1.) You don’t have to have experience. The guides typically have all of the equipment you need (which can be pretty cost effective too!), and they will teach you how to use it. They know the river and can take you to places where folks don’t normally go. This is great for folks just starting out, for folks who want to raise their skill level, or for folks who just want to explore a new area. A river guide is there to teach and lead you!


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2.) You don’t have to be fit, or know what you are doing. Canoeing is a low-impact activity that can improve your aerobic fitness, your strength and your flexibility, and a river guide can teach you how to do it right. It’s a gentle start in the right direction towards fitness. Rowing or paddling engages your core muscles, and your arms and leg muscles too! As you reach and pull the water, you are increasing your flexibility. Not to mention, being out in the fresh air always does a body good!

3.) You can connect with nature better. With a knowledgeable river guide, you can connect to the river and the life all around it. Lauren Kovsky, from The River’s Path says that it’s all about making connections with nature. She has had a passion for rivers and the life that surrounds them for her whole life. She knows what to look for, how to teach you about the different plants and animals, and all about working with the river. A guide can teach you about the wildlife on the river and about the river itself!

Our waterways need you to engage with them. When we participate in the ecosystem, we increase our own well-being, and the well-being of the environment around us. Take a canoeing trip with a river guide, and learn to work with nature. It’ll be great! You’ll see.

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