Wet & Wild Greenville Water Camp

Wet & Wild Greenville is a water-based science camp focused on providing environmental and water quality education to Greenville County youth ages 7-12.

The camp is designed to be accessible to children from families of all income levels. Scholarships will be provided to children of low income families. Wet & Wild also provides an opportunity for children in urban areas to experience firsthand the wonders of the watershed with lessons in watershed protection and management, aquatic life and habitat, non-point source pollution and prevention. 

We do not want cost or transportation to be prohibitive to any child to attend this camp. All staff and and volunteer hours are being donated by Clemson Extension and Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District. 

Unfortunately funding for costs like meals, transportation, and scholarships are greatly needed.

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The location we've chosen is a beautiful area in southern Greenville County. We are looking for volunteers. Volunteers must pass a rigorous background check through Clemson University and partake in training. Please contact Patricia Whitener at pwhiten@g.clemson.edu.


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What a great call-to-action! Well done. This camp looks like a blast, and how cool to get kids to experience water and watersheds though hands-on adventures and learning.  That's awesome! I trace my love for watersheds to my childhood days playing in my local creeks. As the saying goes, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."  That is a true saying.

Major kudos to Clemson Extension and Greenville County SWCD as well as all the volunteers!  I'm in Raleigh or else I would totally volunteer.  I wonder if you have reached out for volunteers to any local environmental consulting firms or engineering firms with environmental scientists.  In NC, we have an Association of Environmental Professionals and Water Resources Association, which would be great resources if SC has similar organizations (NCWRA has a large contingency of college student members, too).  I'm sure you're already on it, but wanted to offer the idea in case it was helpful.      

I hope you are more than successful reaching your fundraising goals and that the program is well attended.  My experiences with Extension and SWCD has always been positive (I'm a regional watershed planner by profession), so I fully trust this will be a great program! Best of luck!  My two brother-in-laws are in Greenville and Spartenburg, so I'll ask them to help spread the word. 

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Thanks so much for your support Michael. We've got a website set up for camp now at www.wetandwild.camp and are open for registrations.