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Lighthouses provide a beautiful and culturally impactful historical location for many communities throughout the United States. Understanding the historical information of each lighthouse, and the role they play, or have played in their past, is important. Thankfully, Lighthouse Friends is dedicated to educating people about lighthouses throughout the United States and Canada. 

In addition to educating people about lighthouses, Lighthouse Friends also provides valuable guides as to what lighthouses provide overnight recommendations. Many historical lighthouses that are no longer functioning provide enjoyable bed & breakfast or inn experiences. Additionally, some of these locations help donate to lighthouse preservation, so you can have a fun time while giving to an important cause. 

If you are interested in helping upkeep a lighthouse yourself, or simply want to help educate the public about their importance, Lighthouse Friends has you covered. They are dedicated to keeping the public updated about Keeper opportunities where individuals can work closely with these beautiful and historically important constructions. 

No other lighthouse related organization or website has as much valuable, and constantly update, information as Lighthouse Friends. With directions to, pictures of, and histories of every lighthouse listed on their site, planning your next trip becomes a breeze. 

Without the dedicated and informed service Lighthouse Friends provides, the public would not be able to be as informed about these wonderful structures as they are. IF you want to learn how you can visit, help sustain or work for one of the many lighthouses throughout the United States and Canada, visit Lighthouse Friends today. 

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