Sunny Point on Trickle Run

My friend who introduced me to this place is homeless and living in the woods not too far away from here.  He walks by here nearly every day.  

All funds donated for the clean up will be paid to my friend as #fairtrade for his labor. He has no idea yet, but he will be thrilled if you can help me #makeithappen.  

i <3 Sunny Point.  This #littleplace is a great spot to enjoy an afternoon with a friend.  This is a hidden gem, fenced in for posterity, but alone within a shovel-ready commercial development loop.  

This lovely spot is on a little creek we call Trickle Run.  Now, Trickle Run has a secret power that very few know... she's born in a different basin :- o.  Shh!  

Yes, her headwaters duck under the railroad tracks that separates the Cape Fear River Basin from the Neuse River Basin.

Trickle Run is born in the shadow of the railroad tracks.  After sneaking under the #basindivide, she ducks under Miami Blvd, and emerges at Sunny Point.  She has a brief stay in her lovely walled garden, before dropping quickly into Walton Brook.  

Walton Brook joins David's Creek, which joins Stirup Iron Creek.  They join with Brier Creek as they flow into Lake Crabtree.  From there, it's a scenic tour of the Capital City #Raleigh before becoming the great Neuse River.  She joins her Upper Neuse friends and they head off together for the sea.   
Trickle Run and Sunny Point have been treated right and largely left intact (#thanksguys).  She doesn't have a lot of room to move around from side-to-side, but what she has within her walls is all for her.  

This little urban riparian strip is #nottoobad, and we want it to stay that way.  Her biggest problem right now #beforethebulldozers is wind-blown and rain-washed trash.  The roadway and nearby shopping areas provide a ready source of litter.  Several drop inlets on Miami also bring #roadwash when the skies open up.   

Backyard Creeks is staking a claim to this little beauty.  We're raising funds to #cleanitup and #showitoff.  It's a #littlecleanup, so if we raise $50, we can clean it up with a two-man crew. This call-to-action is special, though.

Thanks for stopping by today.  High-Five!  Thanks for caring, because that's #allthatmatters.  In the words of my friend, "God Bless."

Litter & Trash Pick-Up

$260 of $100
7 Stakeholders

Additional Instructions/Directions To The Project

^CHIEF'S BONUS CHALLENGE: #stretchgoal. If we can raise $250, Backyard Creeks will create a #littleshowcase, which is a #superquick 1-page visual story of this #specialplace.

^^DOUBLE RAAAZOR: #extraeffort. If we can raise $750, Backyard Creeks will create a #littleactionvideo, which is a #superquick video vignette showcasing the site and your role in making it a #littlebetter.

^^^LEANING JOWLER: #excellence. If we can raise $2,500, Backyard Creeks will work with local news media on a #littleinterview to showcase the power of love and people who care on, the pre-eminent platform for environmental crowd-funding in the US. 

Chief Muddy Waters  
i <3 backyard creeks

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Posted over 2 years ago
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Creeklifers, you ARE making a little difference!  This little action has made a big difference in the life of my friend, David.  Because of this action, he is beginning to believe in himself.  He is seeing that even he can make a little difference in this world.  

There is a great little story of inspiration from this little creek and this little call-to-action.  We want to tell the story and inspire others to see how they #eventhey can make a little difference in this world today. 

Will you help us tell this powerful #littlestory?  Pledge your support today, and know you are helping my friend David see his worth in this world, through the simple act of cleaning up the creek.

The choice to help is yours alone.

Posted over 2 years ago
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Here is a photo of David with Trickle Run in the background. 

Posted about 2 years ago
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I gave David a new #used Trek bike today and a pair of almost new sneakers both of which were donated by my neighbors in Falls River.  David was thrilled.  Thanks you all so much!

Additionally, we've donated two bikes #sofar to The Bike Guy at Falls Dam who has a ministry outreach with guys at the men's homeless shelter in Raleigh.  There was a waiting list of 7 guys that needed bikes to get to jobs.  Through the power of good and Neighbors-helping-neighbors, the waiting list is now down to 5, and I want to help get it to zero!  #GoNeighbors! You ROCK!

Posted about 2 years ago
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Thanks for doing this.  Congratulations on reaching your CHALLENGE GOAL.

Posted about 2 years ago
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Hi, Freinds, Neighbors and Creeklifers. This is Mike Schlegel.  Would you believe that some jerk stole my friend David's bike! Last Thursday, as David ducked into the woods to pee, some guy in a green pickup truck pulled up and grabbed his bike. David heard him, and came out yelling at him, but the guy just jumped in his truck and took off. THAT SUCKS! I can't even imagine. I saw David about an hour after it happened and we looked all over for the truck or bike, but it was long gone, and didn't find it. #totalbummer 

Anyway, my buddy David loved his old bike, given by one of our our Falls River neighbors. David's life just got a little tougher since he's now on foot and has to walk literally everywhere.

So, thanks to Creeklife, I'm taking action.  I've emailed my neighbors, and in 12 hours, I had 4 offers for bikes and four others who wanted to donate to the cause.  BAM!  Neighbors-helping-neighbors.  That's what it's all about!

Thanks in advance for your generosity.  We accept prayers, gifts, and donations.  Together, we ARE making a little difference in one man's life.  

And the best part is this... Through Creeklife and Backyard Creeks, David feels like he matters and has a purpose in life - cleaning up tiny creeks, little by little.  He's collects two bags of trash everyday for like the past 4 weeks.  He's all the way done with Trickle Run and Walton Brook.  He has a #littlemission to keep going a little further everyday.  Not perfect, just better than it was.  What more could one ask?  

David is good people.  So are you.  Thank you for caring, and choosing to act, and just for being AWESOME!  Rock on.

Posted about 2 years ago
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How AWESOME to see neighbors helping neighbors! With your help and donations, we'll be able to provide a $20 weekly stipend to David, the #littlehero at Sunny Point.  I shared the news that we'd raised $100, and he was almost in tears.  He is so incredibly grateful for your generosity.  Because of you, and his new "job" cleaning up little creeks, David feels like he #reallymatters for the first time is a long while.  

My heart goes out to you Creeklifers!

You totally ROCK!
- Muddy Waters