Stream Team Volunteer Monitoring Program

The "Stream Team" is a volunteer water quality monitoring program organized by the non-profit organization the Friends of Lower Muskingum River (FLMR). Stream Team members are trained by FLMR staff to collect habitat, biological and chemical data to aid in regularly monitoring the quality of streams in the lower stretches of the Muskingum River watershed. 

The data collected by these amazing volunteers helps protect the streams in our communities (Washington, Morgan, Noble & Muskingum county in Ohio) so we may continue to enjoy using our local streams and rivers safely. 

Through this invaluable data collection effort FLMR is able to:

  • Establish baseline conditions for waters that would otherwise go unmonitored
  • Track water quality trends over time
  • Screen water for potential problems, for further study or for restoration efforts
  • Help direct pollution control efforts to where they are most needed
  • Evaluate the success of best management practices (BMPs) designed to mitigate problems
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Additional Instructions/Directions To The Project

348 Muskingum Drive, Marietta, OH 45750
For information on how to become a Stream Team volunteer call the FLMR office at 740-374-4170

*Donations to support the purchase of equipment & supplies for the Stream Team are welcome!