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Allegheny CleanWays

Allegheny CleanWays is a non-profit organization operating in Pennsylvania with a mission to," engage and empower people to eliminate illegal dumping and littering in Allegheny County." The organization notes that littering and illegal dumping negatively affect the quality of life for community members and creates a public health concern through environmental degradation. 

They also note that littering and illegal dumping decreases property values and invites vandalism to property by suggesting a sense of neglect, and that both residents and businesses in the community have the power to end littering and illegal dumping. 

Allegheny CleanWays responds to these issues through a variety of programs. Dump Busters, a group of individuals dedicated to reducing the litter in the area on a daily basis, removes 900-1200 pounds of debris each day, on average. 

The organization also operates and stewardship program where individuals can elect to protect, preserve, and clean a specific area in the community. More information about the programs of Allegheny CleanWays, as well as their Tireless Project and the Girty's Run Watershed Assesment, can be found on their website

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Their website also provides a list of ways that interested individuals can get involved with the organization.

There you can sign up to join the previously mentioned Dump Busters, but you can also do much more. The website details ways that people can sign up to help with clean-ups, project assistance, outreach, and even office support.

They also have a page dedicated to ways in which individuals can donate time, money, and needed items, and it evens includes information about corporate support.

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