I <3 Backyard Creeks

At Backyard Creeks we love little creeks and waterways.  We think every great river begins as a little creek in someone's backyard.  

Backyard Creeks is an aspiring new open-source, non-profit company on a #littlemission to care for tiny creeks and waterways.  We show  #littlegroups how-to-do little acts of everyday stewardship.  We work through storytelling, visual arts, and hand-on service projects.  Our signature is exceptional stewardship events.  

We're not aiming for perfect, but we think there's always #somethinglittle that can be done to improve the situation today.  Our motto is "think little."

At Backyard Creeks we don't do anything alone.  Our work is made possible by our awesome supporters like you.  We don't want to ask for too much, but we ARE asking for a #littlehelpnow from every one we meet.

So, we hope you won't take offense by our asking you to #invest in us.  We believe good deeds are never wasted.  We are working to pour your love back into others, but we can't do it without you.  

The choice to help is yours alone.

Fund an Organization

$250 of $100
13 Stakeholders

Additional Instructions/Directions To The Project

Muddy Hollow, 10732 Grassy Creek Pl, Raleigh, NC 27614

We are raising money
to register Backyard Creeks, Inc. as a non-profit corporation in North Carolina, and as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization with the IRS. #itscostsmoney

Our #littlegoal is $250 to #getitdone.  If we raise $250, Backyard Creeks will file for non-profit status. #nofrills

Our #ChiefsChallenge goal is $400 to #doitbetter. If we raise $400, Backyard Creeks will be able to use Legalzoom to make the registration process easy. And we're all about making it easy to do good. 

Our #ExtraEffort goal is $750 for #littlerewards.  If we raise $750, Backyard Creeks will create thank you rewards to recognize the efforts of our awesome #StewardshipVolunteers!  We will be able to create backyard creeks stickers, thank you certificates, and reward give-a-ways.  #gratitude

Our #ExcellenceChallenge goal is $2,500 for #highqualitypeople.  We're building Backyard Creeks to show the world that a small group of dedicated people can make a little difference in this place. We're out to prove that there is always something you can do to care for little creeks and waterways.  We have a #littledream to make this place a little better today.  If we raise $2,500, Backyard Creeks can pay our high quality people to focus their energies on helping people care for little creeks.  #itsouronlyhope 

At Backyard Creeks we ARE making a #littledifference in this world. We believe there is power in all of us to do a little good.  We're in this together and we're gaining momentum!

See for yourself what a little group of volunteers accomplished in just two hours on Wakefield Branch.  And for a quick inspiration, check out our current call-to-actions including Sunny Point on Trickle Run and Round Brook on Club Creek.  Our next awesome little stewardship event is Friends of Alligator Pond.



Posted over 2 years ago
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We're picking up speed! Thanks Creeklifers for your support!  The call to action has been stream-lined to get to the point. #mobetta.  We want to do a little good, and we want your help. 

We ARE making a difference, one little backyard creek at a time. See for yourself at Sunny Point on Trickle Run.

Posted over 2 years ago
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We're on a roll!  Thanks, Creeklifers!  Our #littlegoal of $250 is within sight, which means Backyard Creeks will soon become Backyard Creeks, Inc., the little non-profit that could.  I bet we can hit that goal this week!  Keep it up.  I think we can, I think we can.  

Posted over 2 years ago
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BAM! We did it!  Gigantic thank you, Creeklifers!  We reached our #littlegoal!  Backyard Creeks is going to file our papers to incorporate!