Help Protect The Lower Susquehanna River

Lower Susquehanna Riverkeeper and Stewards of the Lower Susquehanna, Inc. 

Two notable organizations help to preserve and protect the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania – The Lower Susquehanna Riverkeepers and the Stewards of the Lower Susquehanna, Inc. 

Together, they refer to themselves as a variety of people including recreationists, outdoorsmen, and families all joining around the common goals of safe drinking water, protection of natural recourses, and the ability to use the Susquehanna River for such activities as fishing and swimming. 

Both organizations dedicate themselves to improving and protecting the ecological integrity of waterways including the Susquehanna Watershed and the Chesapeake Bay. 

The organizations improve and protect these waters through a variety of means. Some of the issues they focus on include construction and its various pollutions, concentrated animal feeding operations, hydroelectric dams, relicensing, and migratory fish as well as industrial pollution, unconventional shale gas development, waste, and disease. 

Both organizations, in this way, serve as a kind of advocacy group for the waterways by maintaining them and also operating as a watchdog organization to limit any damage or pollutants to them waterways. 

Protecting Green Spaces

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Additional Instructions/Directions To The Project

Check out the website:

You can even report pollution you see happening through a variety of different methods.

Furthermore, the site even guides you through various types of pollution that can be and should be reported.

You can also use their website to become a member of the organizations, donate money, or sign up to volunteer to help protect the waterways.