Help Cleanup Lynch Cove Run has been completed!

Mark your calendars for June 27th and our cleanup of Lynch Cover run Stream in conjunction with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay's Annual Project Clean Stream! We will be cleaning up Lynch Cover Run which runs next to the North Point Government Center before flowing into Bear Creek. Volunteers of all ages and abilities are needed! Help us remove the trash before it flows into Bear Creek, the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean! Every piece of trash removed is a small victory to be celebrated!

Registration will open at 7 am and run until 9 am at the Boulevard Diner across the street (1660 Merritt Boulevard, Dundalk) where breakfast will generously be provide for volunteers by the Boulevard Diner! Late registrants can sign up at the tent onsite next to the stream.

The cleanup will be located in the stream alongside the parking lot of the Merritt Park Baptist Church, (1799 Merritt Boulevard Dundalk, MD 21222) and running downstream from there.

We run our cleanups as a family event with plenty of ways for volunteers to participate. We welcome every type of person of every ability level to contribute and assist with the cleanup. Though it is true we will need people to dig out shopping carts and haul trash to the dumpsters, we need people to run water, food, tools, and trash bags (both empty and full) to individuals in the creek. People to sort recyclables from the debris removed. People will be needed to help at registration, setup food and snacks as well as many other less strenuous activities. We are also authorized to sign-off on Community Service and Service Learning Hours for students. The more people we have, the easier the work will be for everyone. We will provide lunch and snacks as well as gloves. A limited number of tools are available for sign-out, but suggest bringing your own if you have them.

Community Service and Service Learning Hours are available as well!

We are also looking for photographer/videographer volunteers to help us document our cleanup as well

Litter & Trash Pick-Up

$82 of $100
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Additional Instructions/Directions To The Project

1799 Merritt Boulevard Dundalk, MD 21222
We expects, trash bags, gloves, bottled water. smacks and lunch to run about $300 for this cleanup.

Project Updates

Updated about 2 years ago
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Lynch Cove Run is completely clogged with plastic bags! Please help us cleanup this beautiful little stream before the trash flows into Bear Creek and the Chesapeake Bay!  We spent the weekend taking several photos showing how bad it is and how much help is needed to clean it up! You can see all the photos here:  Thank you for your support!

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Updated about 2 years ago
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Offical Event Flyer for Lynch Cove Run Cleanup on June 27, 2015

June 27th  lynch grove run stream flyer