Cistern Barrel Installation

Suggested gutter and downspout installation to a cistern to capture water where it is currently most damaging. Property is a multi-unit rental in the developed Old North End.

Cisterns are just really big rain barrels. It works really well wherever there are places where lots of water is used, like apartment buildings. All that clean water that falls on the roof can be used to wash cars and homes, water gardens and trees, fill swimming pools and with a little plumbing flush indoor toilets.


$65 of $100
3 Stakeholders

Additional Instructions/Directions To The Project

We are looking to raise $100 to get this project started.

This project is sponsored by The Let it Rain, an incentive program aiming to improve water quality in Vermont’s Lake Champlain Basin by reducing the volume and pollutant load of stormwater entering our rivers, lakes and streams. 

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