Bottle Filling Stations Replace High School Drinking Fountains has been completed!

The Mayfield High School environmental club was created in the spring of last year with one primary objective: to promote "going green."

 It is no secret that water conservation is an easy but effective way to promote environmental friendliness. Every student in the high school uses the drinking fountains. Whether it's getting a drink after an exhausting gym class, or interrupting a lesson to quench a thirst, the drinking fountain is simply indispensable. 

When students aren't using the fountain, they're drinking out a water bottle. But what happens when that water bottle runs out? Too often, the garbage cans and recycling bins are left up to the brim with empty water bottles that could've easily been refilled. 

The Elkay Water Bottle Filling Station is the perfect answer. Attach a simple aluminum unit with a clearly indicated sensor on top of the existing water fountain. Suddenly, students can get a drink and simultaneously refill their water bottle. It's as easy as holding a water bottle under a sensor and letting the machine pour the water. 

It's easy, fast, and elegant--and it's the future. Hundreds of environmentally friendly campuses and high schools already have these filling stations installed. It's time for Mayfield High School to join in.

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Our school currently has six water fountains that are compatible with the Elkay model. Each model costs $379.00.

The number of units we buy will be proportional to the amount of money we raise. We hope to raise enough for all six, which will cost $2,274.00. The Environmental Club will also be fundraising to take away from this grand total.

A link to the unit can be found here: 

Project Updates

Updated over 2 years ago
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Thank you to all who helped our group make it to our first bottle filling station! We will upload new pictures as soon as it is installed.  Hopefully we have gotten the ball rolling, and more attention will come to this issue in our local community.  Thank you to all, and especially Creeklife!  :)


Posted over 2 years ago
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What a great project!  This is awesome!  Keep up the good work!  #DrinkTapWater

Posted over 2 years ago
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thanks so much for doing this....hoping the high school meets their goals!!!! 

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Woot! Great to hear you've reach a milestone and are working to get the first station installed! Great job! Thanks for caring enough to take action in your local community. I love these water bottle filling stations. Keep it up! It's amazing what a small group of caring people can do to make a difference!

Posted almost 2 years ago
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Can't wait to see the first one installed and looking forward to getting more into the school! Don't forget to upload a picture once it is installed!