About Creeklife - online fundraising, creating jobs and raising public awareness

Creeklife is an online fundraising tool to raise money and create jobs for personal fundraisers, non-profit fundraising, community funding that raises public awareness for outdoor projects or event. We tap into local businesses and groups to fundraise for the money to pay others to complete the projects on the website.

Creeklife's niche is the environment. If you care about making the outdoors your business, use Creeklife, start by surfing the watershed map to find a job to make a few dollars or a volunteer opportunity while promoting local awareness through social media sharing.


about us

Mark Contorno, the founder of Creeklife, had an idea to use the power of crowdfunding for the good of the environment and in January 2014 he launched Creeklife.com, the first crowdfunding platform for protecting and restoring the places we care about.


Lack of funding is the number one obstacle to restoring and protecting our watersheds. Ask yourself, if there was funding available, are there places you’d like to protect or clean up? A crowd-sourced platform like Creeklife has never before been tried when it comes to funding environmental projects. Anyone can create a Call to Action, share it with others, raise funds, claim the money, and perform the work.

Online donations and and discounts for services are collected, someone claims the money to DO the Call to Action, and when it is marked as completed, local peers are contacted to help verify the work.

Creeklife provides a platform to report these issues, anonymously if desired and take the next steps toward fixing them, by raising awareness and raising money. Creeklife encourages people to get involved and participate, and good stewards can get paid for their time and materials to clean up, repair and protect our watersheds.

The reward of doing a good deed is having done it. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is Creeklife?