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American Legion Bridge building/ stream Clean-up!!

American Legion Post #572 needs help funding a bridge that will take them from their Post to...

5 Stakeholders
$85 Pledged

Cistern Barrel Installation

Suggested gutter and downspout installation to a cistern to capture water where it is curren...

3 Stakeholders
$65 Pledged

Bottle Filling Stations Replace High School Drinking Fountains

The Mayfield High School environmental club was created in the spring of last year with one ...

7 Stakeholders
$175 Pledged

Create an Online Fundraiser or Public Awareness Event

Crowdfund here on for families and people affected by the force of Mother Nature or a manmade disaster.
The Creeklife Team
Raise money to purchase private property or land and donate to a local Park or Conservancy.
The Creeklife Team
This website CREATES JOBS, crowdfund for a salary to help Mother Nature and your community for a year.
The Creeklife Team
If you are a WATERSHED COORDINATOR, you can Crowdfund here on for your salary so you can focus on the important issues in your area.
The Creeklife Team
As a WATERSHED COORDINATOR of a large region, you can use to monitor for issues that residents report and place on the watershed map.
The Creeklife Team