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American Legion Bridge building/ stream Clean-up!!

American Legion Post #572 needs help funding a bridge that will take them from their Post to...

5 Stakeholders
$85 Pledged

Cistern Barrel Installation

Suggested gutter and downspout installation to a cistern to capture water where it is curren...

3 Stakeholders
$65 Pledged

Bottle Filling Stations Replace High School Drinking Fountains

The Mayfield High School environmental club was created in the spring of last year with one ...

7 Stakeholders
$175 Pledged

Create an Online Fundraiser or Public Awareness Event

If you are a WATERSHED COORDINATOR, you can Crowdfund here on for your salary so you can focus on the important issues in your area.
The Creeklife Team
Raise money to purchase private property or land and donate to a local Park or Conservancy.
The Creeklife Team
Tired of the trash along your favorite trail,? Post the idea to raise money to buy and install a garbage can and maybe enough to pay for an ongoing service to pick it up.
The Creeklife Team
This website CREATES JOBS, crowdfund for a salary to help Mother Nature and your community for a year.
The Creeklife Team
As a WATERSHED COORDINATOR of a large region, you can use to monitor for issues that residents report and place on the watershed map.
The Creeklife Team